• Polyurethane seals and steel rings used for lubricated chains to provide long wear off and also long-term sealing. Pin and Bushing surface is hardened to 58 HRC to a 4 mm depth, the core is hardened to 34 HRC.
  •    The ITR undercarriage is manufactured and designed of using modern CAD systems and with the Links surfaces are hardened to 50 HRC to a 12 mm depth, the core is hardened to 32 HRC and have long operating life.
  •    OEM design used on additional links and manufactured  by wire and cutting technology.
  •  .
  •    ITR ; Heavy Duty type Duo Cone (with Seal Groups)shafts are forged, surface hardened to
    56-60 HRC to a 3 mm depth track rollers and top rollers. These products are under 1800 work hours warranty as USCO standarts.
  •     ITR manufactures Pin and Bushing for all machine models. Running surfaces of Pin and
    Bushing hardened with induction, hardened to 58 HRC to a 4mm depth and the core hardened to a 34 HRC.
  • Sprocket segments are Forged Steel and completelyhardened.   External Profiles hardened with induction to 50 HRC steel casting Sprockets.
  •  A special heat treatment on working surfaces,long - wear off , with or without brackets idlers.